Choose between the player and banker in high limit baccarat

Similar to online baccarat, web-based high limit baccarat is just as easy to understand and exciting to play. The choices for bets are stretched, have a high limit and the fun in playing is like no other games.

How To Play

High limit baccarat played online uses 8 card decks which are shuffled after a match ends. Sometimes there are three cards, but more often, two cards are given to every imaginary player called the banker and the player. The actual will then choose to bet on which of the banker and the player has a higher hand value. Alternately, he can also bet if the hands will tie.

Rules For Online High-Limit Baccarat

For this play, the cards are still counted like regular baccarat, with the exception of Aces that are always valued at 1 and the jacks, tens, kings and queens which are given no value. When computing the sum of the cards, it is only the right digit that is important. For example, if the total value of your hand is 16, its actual value is 6.

Both the banker and the player get two cards during the start of the match. There are instances when either or both of them get a third card. But there is no option to stand or hit. The additional card can be dealt or not, depending on the rules programmed into the game software.

Placing Bets

Even though the player is playing baccarat and the banker has your money, they neither represent you nor the house. They are just assigned these names for easy identification. You can choose freely which of them to bet on, or if you wish to gamble on a tie.

There is also the choice of making a combination bet. This can be done by wagering on both a tie and on the player or by betting on a tie and the banker. This is only exclusive for high limit games and is not allowed in the regular game.

If you wagered on the banker and win, there is a 1:1 payout with the house deducting 5% commission. You do not win anything if you wager on the banker and the result is a tie between the banker and the hands; only your bet is given back. On the other hand, if you wager on a tie and the result is indeed a tie, the payout is at 1:8. Unlimited fun awaits all players of online high limit baccarat.