Midway Games' La Rush Free Download

There are multitudes of games created on the racing theme but not all of them manage to gain the same amount of popularity as LA rush. As games kept entering the market, harnessing the power of the new consoles, LA Rush was left somewhere behind. The recent makeover of the game however has brought it back into the game.


While there is still potential for improvement when t comes to graphics you will see some amazing artwork and design in the game as you go through a replica of LA. The LA streets in the game are extensive which are great if you want to go exploring once you download the game.


You start off at a party to realize that all your cars have been stolen except for one and now you have to face a plethora of challenges to win them all back one by one. The sheer variety of cars is awesome to work with and with a few tweaks in the garage you can improve on them as you pass the rounds to more complicated challenges.

What's best about LA Rush for free download however is that the traffic in the game keeps you on your toes. Emulating the amount of traffic that would generally be on the roads, you are in for some amazing action sequences as you weave through heavy traffic to shed the cops or finish a race. If you are looking to play free games without spending any money, get a $3,000 no deposit bonus after you download Maple Casino here.

Mini games and Challenges

If you're not in the mood for another race or are tired of following the storyline, you can complete some of the mini games and challenges available. In fact, this makes for some entertaining gameplay once you've completed the story.